3 Free Roosters, 1 serma bantam, 1 rhode island red mix, 1 cochin mix


8 Years
Mar 27, 2011
Phoenix, Arizona
We have three roosters that we hatched ourselves, they were born in February.

We have one bantam serma name Penny aka now Pedro since he is a rooster! He is very fiesty, and fully of life! We have another that I think is a rhode island red, and he is beautiful, he has huge green feathers growing from his tail right now and is very sweet! And then we have a cochin mix, he almost reminds me of a barred rock, but I'm thinking he might be something else, he is also very sweet.

All of these roo's love to be held, they are not for food, but are for pets, they are free I just want them to go to good homes!! Please PM me if interested!

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