3 month olds and temps are dropping... need your opinions


8 Years
Feb 5, 2011
Just wondering if my 3 Buff Orpingtons will be ok in their little coop tomorrow night. They are 14 and a half weeks old. Temps have been as low as 25 degrees since I put them outside, and they have been just fine...running around and keeping busy, but it is going from 40 during the day to only 7 degreees tomorrow night. That's a big drop. Should I bring them in for the night, or should I just add a bunch of hay up the walls?

They usually fall asleep snuggling in their window while they watch the sun go down at night. What a nice life.... I don't want to mess up their routine, but I do want to keep them healthy.

Little coop is draft-free with vents at top.


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