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This was the first time that I've tried to hatch some chicken eggs. For my hatch I'm using a GQF Model 1588 Genesis Hovabator Egg Incubator with a egg turner. I started out with 40 eggs that i purchased near by and some from my own hens. When i went into lockdown there were 30 good fertile eggs. With the particular model its already pre-set to 99.5 and the thermometer read the same thing throughout. I don't know what went wrong. The 3 that did hatched, all hatched a day before they were do, if that helps. Any help would be great. Below is a pic of the actual incubator i was using and some of the eggs that i was using. I need all the advice i can get as i plan to try again.


I have a Genesis 1588 and the first time I used it (don't trust the settings) the temps were a bit high (causes an early hatch) so I went ahead and calibrated it back to the factory settings per included instructions. It is always a good idea to set up your incubater several days ahead of time to check temps with a thermometer and get your humidity where you want it by using a hygrometer. With unshipped eggs 40% humidity has been working well for me. Too little humidity cause the chicks to become shrink wrapped and too much humidity cause them to drown. I use a reptile hygrometer that I got at the pet store called Exo Terra brand. Humidity is VERY important for a good hatch!!! GOOD LUCK with your next hatch!
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I honestly didn't pay that much attention to the humidity. What should it be before lock down and during lock down? Or do you always keep the humidity the same?
I love my reptile hygrometer too....best $15 I have spent. I see you have the same thermometer that I had ...came with my hovabator...mine was REALLY off...like 3 degrees low. I tossed it after having a hatch of 3/18 (early too probably because of the higher temp and inaccurate humidity) and bought a decent digital thermometer. For that hatch I also cheaped out and thought I could trust filling the proper trays to give me the correct humidity....wrong....and I lost out big time. I also hatch local eggs now. I don`t get the variety that I am somewhat envious of seeing the lovely variety breed hatches people get...although I do tend to have successful hatches (don`t want to jinx things as I have 14 eggs in the bator now
Good luck with future hatches and I would really recommend the hygrometer and decent thermometer...from someone who learned the hard way.

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