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    I was thinking of getting 3 chickens which will be our class pets for our preschool. I will be cleaning the coop every weekend (picking up poop). I'm so excited that I changed my mind and will be getting 4 instead. Now I'm thinking I might as well make it 5! Is there alot of difference going from 3 to 4 or 5 chickens as far as poop? and/or other maintenance? Should I stick to my original number of 3 chickens? Please give me your advise and suggestions. Thanks!

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    Get 5, so long as the cage can fit them comfortably. That leaves some wiggle room if 1-2 don't make it, or 1 turns out to be a cranky roo, etc.
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    There is a small difference. A little more poop. A little more cost.
    But think it's fine.
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    What a great idea! [​IMG] I vote FIVE! [​IMG]

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    i vote 5 to
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    Five sounds nice, but you'll need to clean more than once a week or you will have a smell. Are you getting baby chicks, or older chickens?

    Not sure how much you know, but don't get Cornish Cross chicks (the meat chickens) as they will not do much but eat, poop very smelly poops and grow large without getting enough feathers to cover themselves. Not much fun for the kids.

    You can find out lots of information on here about caring for them. Be sure to have a compassionate exit strategy...where are these chickens going when you're done with them or if it doesn't work out?

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    It may be a good idea--if you're planning to get chicks and raise them--to have a plan B already laid out for after they grow into chickens. Once they are full grown, they're going to need a lot of space to be happy and comfy.
    I recommend reading up on brooders, etc, and getting the class involved in building one, and the area that you will be keeping them in. Great opportunity to talk about environments "every creature needs a different kind of house" etc.
    I also recommend the snugglier breeds, known for being slow/gentle. Breeds like Buff Orpingtons and Barred Rocks are not only pretty but usually have good temperaments. Same with cochins. I agree with staying away from meat breeds, and anything skittish/territorial.

    A lot of hatchery sites have good information and Ideal Hatchery even has a What Breed Are You quiz to connect you to your ideal chicken breeds.

    Good luck!

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