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Jan 30, 2013
Carencro, LA
1. I am in south Louisiana. It has been upper 70's to low 80's at night. My 22 Cornish X are about 4 weeks old. They are 90% feathered. They are in an enclosed barn stall and do not free range. The stall walls go to the ground on all sides. I pick them up and they feel hot. I put a 3 speed box fan in there to run 7 am-7pm. Is this overkill? I do not want them to get too hot but don't want to the cool air to hurt them either.

2. Will they eat if it is completely dark? I had been picking up the food nightly but it is much easier for me to just put the lights on the timer and turn them off for 12 hours.

3. I have been feeding them 18% protein since day 1, this was reccomended from my feed store. Would it help or hurt now that they are about 4 weks old to increase to 20%? I am thinking of doing a higher % protein maybe every other bag or every third bag to fatten them up as they get older. Thoughts?

Chick Charm

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No, the fans are likely good for them. They are naturally hot chickens. So fans are good.

Yes they will eat with no lights on. They are pigs. If feed is there they will eat. Darkness does slow them down a bit.

18% is on the lean side but overall better for their health in all likely hood. You will notice greater weight gains on 20% for sure. You only have 4 weeks to go. I personally like them as big as possible so I use 20% sometimes even 22% but always have mine on grass so they have access to greens as well.

Wish you the best.

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