3 Roosters to a good home! South Dakota/Near MN border


Mar 14, 2018
I would absolutely love to keep these guys, they are great, but am restricted in town. I rescued some chicks this spring that were most likely not going to survive the night (splayed leg, trampling, cant get to food/water) I have one silkie, one barred rock, and one porcelain d'uccle. The barred rock is my baby and good friend, it will be especially hard to see them go. That noted - I am not giving them away to anyone who would eat them. Not so worried that the bantams would be, but my barred rock is a big fella and it breaks my heart to think of that. They are all good birds.

My silkie is particularly impressive and will make a great flock guardian. He is super docile, but very much a leader. It almost seems contradictory but those are great traits!

The d'uccle is a tiny guy that definitely is not about to be the head of the flock... unless you have even more gentle birds. Pretty confident that he will be mostly doing his own thing most of the time. Super pretty feathers and super cute bird.

The barred rock is fun, loud, and proud, but I do believe his vision is bad in one eye and his aim is definitely impacted by that. He can shove his face into food and eat just fine, but picking up individual bits is a no-go. He had a pretty hard start in life, so I've spent the most time with him.

Of course I would love for them to go together, but I understand that that isn't very realistic. I just want to find someone who would love them too.
In watertown, about an hour and a half from Sioux falls. I've not taken many pics since they were in the brooder, but I'll try to get some today when I head out

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