3 thermometers NONE of them close to others reading temps


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Feb 13, 2008
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What do I do? I have a digital oven thermometer, and 2 different indoor thermometers, both with hydrogemter (ugh, spelling) on them. One says 100 and 68% humidity, the other says 98 with 55% humidty and the new digital oven one with the probe won't go above 96.6 degrees. What do I do? I've had a silkie egg hatch perfectly last night and another one is going strong and should be unzipped shortly. There are other eggs in there as well. Including a few duck eggs. Do I take the average temp of all the thermometers as well as average humidty and leave it alone? The thermomter that came with the LG bator doesn't get above 85 degrees, so I've taken that out completly?
Thanks for insight...


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Jan 11, 2007
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If your eggs are hatching and the chicks are looking ok, just leave it alone. Pick one of the thermometers and make a note of the reading and when you try again. Try and duplicate the temperature and humidity setting. You can try to check it when your hatch is finished by comparing it to a mercury thermometer from your medicine cabinet. The important thing is to find the place where you get successful hatches. It sounds like the first one is pretty close to accurate if you are on 21 days and hatching is going well.


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Mar 2, 2008
I try to calibrate my thermometers, here is how:

Make a ball of modelling clay about the size of an egg.

Place it in incubator and let it come up to temp.

Measure the temp with one of the better medical thermometers (They are $8 in Walmart, but 2) These thermometers are generally accurate to within 0.2F.

Compare that with all your other thermometers.

Works very well here

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