3 week chicks


Aug 13, 2019
Today I cut up some pears but my babies did not want any part of that! The few that did go up a peck it shook their heads like we do when something is sour.

I’m a newbie and have read a lot of threads on here you guys have great advice. What kinda treats should i get for them, or is just their starter feed enough ? Just seems boring
Welcome! Yes, they must have grit if you are offering anything in addition to their chick starter. You can have some in a dish, or spread it around in their brooder, but it's got to be there.
I offer weeds with some dirt on them by this age; young grass, clover, wild violets, dandelions, whatever non toxic and unsprayed stuff you have growing in your yard.
Little bits of fruit and veggies are fine too, and I just refuse to spend $$$ on mealworms! My chicks are in their section of the coop by then, with their brooder plate, and go for whatever flying insects show up there.
New flavors take a little time to be appreciated!
Thank you for the reply!! I gave them scrambled eggs In there run tonight they chased each other around with it and made a mess of them. Should I get that out in the morning or let it compost into ground. And also I have food and water In Run and In the coop I close them in at night. Should I start taking it out of the coop or always have it available in both areas since they are locked up at night

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