3 week old chick with consistent runny butt

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    Hello backyard chickeneers,

    We bought a batch of 20 chicks almost 3 weeks ago. We have the normal chick problems, including but not limited to: swollen shut eyes, pasty butt, lethargy, one blind eye, and even lost 2. (one appeared sick, the other was fine one day and dead the next morning - weird) Anyway, I have one little chick that just doesn't seem to want to get better. At first I thought it was pasty butt, but this has been going on for at least two weeks. It consistently has this chalky, milky white, very sticky excretion that never seems to stop .It does drop a semi-solid waste from time to time in the midst of this other. It was compacted at one time that took a minor surgery to correct. It seems to eat and drink fine. It just acts like it doesn't feel good. Hovers under the lamp more than others and doesn't feel like a "healthy" chick when you pick it up. It seems to be growing ok, I have chicks the same age that are smaller. I have isolated it for days and put it with the run, neither seem to make a difference in its behavior. Other than meds I'm out of Ideas, any of yours would help. Thanks a million.
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