3 week old chick


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Nov 14, 2012
East Bay, CA
I have a 3 week old Golden Buff (Red Star) chick from My Pet Chicken. She was the only one of five females (i ordered 5) to survive bad postal service and a dog. She has been living alone in a dog crate outside where the other chickens can see her and she gets handled quite often and will come when called and jump into my hand and stand on my should while I walk around the yard.

Here is the deal: I have noticed that she is already starting to develop a comb and she has very long skinny legs. She is only 3 weeks old and even my wyandottes have only started to grown wattles but no combs and they are nearly 8 weeks old. Is this just a breed development thing? Is she still a female but growing her comb and wattles quicker than most? Or is this a rooster thing. I will try and post a pic soon.

wyondotts have small combs so it does take a little longer for it to grow. but your buff could be a girl, buffs tend to have large combs and wattles.
I have pics! We have named her Lucy, and I sure hope she is a hen. I have not normally raised chicks, as I keep chickens for eggs, so I normally buy POL pullets. This is the first time I have really noticed a pronounced comb/wattle in such a young chick. This is also a newer breed for me so who knows!

Sorry these are so small, I only had a phone to use for pics. When my husband gets home I will ask him to get out his professional camera equipment :)
a picture will help, but skinny legs are a girl thing
I have a White Silkie chick and he/she had skinny legs when I first got him but now he/she pecks me a lot and is acting like a cockerel.

Oh, and Brechin Lucy might be a little to young to tell the sex, maybe post more picture's of him/her in a few weeks.


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