3 week old chicks. When can I put my babies out in their coop/run?


8 Years
Sep 30, 2011
Asheville, NC
Trying to decide when to put these babies out in their coop/run. 18 chicks, some silkies, some Easter Eggers, some not sure yet........ The weather is turning cold this week down about 20 degrees from what it was last week. I was hoping to put them out soon but now I don't know
They will need supplemental heat until fully feathered at 6 weeks of age. Placing a heat source in a corner and letting them move freely away from it if they want to will allow them to acclimate on their own.
yes alot depends on how cold it is Michigan much colder than Northern California.
Not sure about North Carolina's weather this time of year though probably similar to me as I can in a cooler part of California

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