3 week old quail can no longer stand

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5 Years
Mar 22, 2015
I'm having problems which started last night. My husband noticed one cortunix quail who he said had a leg problem. This morning when I went to feed I found two quail who seem to have lost the ability to keep their legs under them. They seem ok other than they can not stand up. I brought them inside and put them under a small watt light for warmth and they are laying sideway pecking at food, so they have their appetites.

Any idea what the problem is? They have been housed in a 8x12 aviary with cockatiels. They have been in that aviary for nearly 2 weeks. I fed them some mealworms yesterday, otherwise they have been eating 30% gamebird starter and seeds from the leftover tiel food I toss down for them.

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