3 Weeks Old, Weird Head movement (with video)


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Mar 22, 2011
Im having troubles looking this up because I find results for when a chicken cant really lift its head properly. My baby silkie chicken, 3 weeks old does this weird head movement. So its like she stands upright looks normal, then rotates her head as if she is focusing on something on the roof with one eye and the other eye is looking at the ground (head is sideways), then returns her head to a straight normal forward facing position. She will do this over and over for about 5-10 seconds. I notice it a few times a day. Sound familiar to anyone?

Here is a video, I got her to do it when I blow on her or take her outside where its a bit cold and rainy
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I'm sorry to hear that your chick is having trouble! Considering it's a silkie, she could be suffering from "wry neck". Here's a youtube video someone took of their silkie with this problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SS64ne2boQ0

can't tell you more about it than that, but I hope someone can come along who can tell you, and how to cure it!
Thanks for the video, dam that doesnt look anything like mine. Here is mine, I got her to do it in the video by blowing on her with my mouth.
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She is shaking her head almost like a dog with an ear infection, maybe an inner ear issue. Couldn't really tell from the video, but is her balance effected at all, that could point to an inner ear infection/issue as well. Don't even know if chickens have ear issues just guessing here.
Hm, you're right, that doesn't look like wry neck. Thankfully she seems healthy otherwise from the video.

The only thing I can add is to perhaps give her some Poly Vi Sol (without iron). This will cover your bases if it's a nutritional problem. I apologize if you've all ready tried this, but that's the only advice I can give you. Hopefully someone who has a better idea of what it is will be along soon!
If you're blowing on her or it's a slightly chilly breeze maybe you're just tweaking her down just right causing her to shake her head. I do it to my dog when he's sleeping and I want to play.
Nuerological issue due to vaulted skull possibly.... the bright side... Stand her on sticky back tape and put her on the DASH!!!

Yea it doenst look like wry neck Im with you guys there. She/he is very healthy otherwise. Very strong. Jumps lots. Attentive eats lots and drinks lots. The biggest bird out of that hatch.

Is Poly Vi Sol the stuff we give baby humans?

So if its in ear infection how can I treat that?
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