****3 Word Story!****


7 Years
Dec 31, 2013
So basically this is one of those "add on stories" each person says three words and creates a story together! trust me.. it shall be interesting...............
have fun! keep it clean! follow all BYC rules!

so here's a start:

Penelope was a pineapple that lived through a tormenting explosion that killed her totally favorite loving husband pineapple who lived on the Pineapple Island over near the coast of Florida where all kinds of living pineapples frolicked joyfully while a tornado hit because they loved to sing songs in the middle of while they ate fried pineapples that they had killed with their really long spears that they made with wax from their very hairy ears. Penelope found a piece of her old pineapple husband inside a can in the juice
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