33 Eggs Due to Hatch Oct 25 (Hatch Complete)


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I had collected a bunch of Delaware eggs from my flock and offered them for sale before we instituted our new auction system. No one claimed them, and in the changeover, the ad was lost in the shuffle, so I decided to set them myself and when they hatch, sell all the chicks. (be thinking about buying some Delawares soon, folks!
At the end of the first day, I realized that the little arm that connects the turner to the motor had been somehow bumped out and as we were correcting that, I noticed an egg marked, "BBS Orp..Dusty". How'd that get there? Thought it was just one that accidentally was put into a carton with the Dels, but decided to look at all of them. Found another BBS Orp and one lone Barred Rock egg from my Becca. So, 30 Delawares, 2 BBS Orps and 1 BR are due Oct. 25.
Today, we ordered a digital Egg-Temp incubator thermometer from Cutler Supply. That baby is accurate to within .18 degree (that's point one eight) so hopefully, I won't have to continually worry about the accuracy of my AcuRites, my little Springfield and my Taylor, which are all household thermometers and do not have an actual accuracy rating.

So, wish me luck! And think about buying some beautiful, robust Delaware chicks!
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Oh I'm dying here. Do not tempt me with Delaware chicks!!!!!!! I can't have chicks until the spring...after I build an outdoor brooder for the goat barn...which we have to finish before the winter gets here.

Of course we can't finish the goat barn until after we fence in the North West Pasture because we have to get the buck out of the South West pasture with all the girls!

So I can't have any new chicks until I
1) fence in the NW Pasture (about 4-6 acres of Overgrown woods and bramble)
2) finish the goat barn (Roof is done, but it looks like a pavilion, needs siding)
3)Build a brooding hutch to go in the Goat barn
4)Fix up the current coop and build the winter/indoor nest boxes (forgot this one)

Those are just my farm chores... Doesn't count the bush hogging, mowing, taking care of the animals...State fair showing on the 25th of this month....

Unless someone can think of a way to sneak me some Delawares!!!!

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Where do you live, Laney? These would have to be pickup, but I'd love to hook, er, um, interest someone in raising Delawares.
They are feisty chicks. Since mine hatched, I have called them hoodlums, gang members, heathens, goofballs, nutcases, etc, etc. They are the most active chicks I've ever raised.
When I first saw your post, I was thinking 'is she crazy?? Hatching eggs this late?', but hatching to sell is a different story. Hopefully you'll be able to sell them, around here day-old chicks go for next to nothing in the spring/summer, and even less in the fall/winter!
Oh, please, Shelley, there are crazier folks than I on here! You know the ones, the ones who hatch all year long, no matter whether they have room for more birds or not. I think I can sell them around here. The feedstore gets chicks in January and the first shipments are usually sold within days.
Oh, here's my next victim! I mean Adam. You love Delawares, don't you Adam?
J/K! I know you are going other directions with your flock, but dang it, you need to drive over and visit sometime.
January? That is unbelievable! I was one of those hatched all winter longers last year, I'm really trying not to this year! I don't need anymore quail, and those were the only things that would hatch worth a darn in the winter last year. Chicken eggs did no good for me. So I'm hoping (once the eggs I set yesterday hatch
) that I can finally, after 17 months, turn my bators off for a while. At least till spring when my breeders get going again
Well good luck on them

I really, really, don't want to hatch anymore. I think my house (and my lungs
) could use a break from all the dust

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