3rd fox attack of the year


9 Years
Sep 30, 2010
Northern Virginia
We lost another full grown Marans hen this past weekend to a fox. The crappy thing is I was out running errands and DH was upstairs sleeping from his night shift and the chickens were in their nearly completed run. All it lacks is a door.....we have been using the fencing wire pulled tight and fixed to the post and a 4x4 pushed up against the bottom. He thinks the fox panicked the birds and they pushed through the bottom and got out, or they just got out cuz they love to free range.
Anyway, DH was awakened by a chicken commotion and our labrador Dixie coming unglued and wanting to rip the door down(she is very protective of the cats and chickens). he ran downstairs grabbed his rifle and ran outside in his underwear. (thank god we are in the country, I came home to this sight).....the fox got away and left a pile of feathers. DH tried to track it(now dressed....hey there are ticks out there!) in case she was alive, but no luck. Today, he was up in his climbing deer stand and sure enough she was back looking for another meal. Shot her through the ribcage. I now have a nasty fox body hanging on the tree outside my coop. We have now lost 3 chickens to foxes, and DH has shot 4 the very next day when they came back. He gets mad...and gets even. RIP Gertie....laid a beautiful dark brown egg almost every other day even though she was 3 years old.
I love to watch a fox chase shrews and run across the road as much or more as anyone but I took out a pair of silver fox last year when I lost a bunch of birds. Congrats to you getting them before they wiped you out cause once they find easy food, they WILL be back.
Yeah, I love wildlife and truly hate having to kill any. My husband does too. He does hunt a little, but we eat that and it is not wasted. Silver fox must be a beautiful animal. We just have the red ones here. We never even knew we had them on our little property until we got chickens. We will get that run secured and have the dogs out when the birds free range so that hopefully we won't have to take out more wildlife. Not a happy thing.
I'm sorry for your loss, I would be upset to lose any of my birds.

We've got a fox who just found our chickens, no attacks yet, but he and I had a little run in last night in the yard! I have a feeling we may be in the same boat as you later this week if he comes back. I too don't mind wildlife, but I would prefer he stick to the woods if he wants to stay alive.

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