4-5 year old hen laying quarter sized eggs, no yolks...4th egg in a few weeks


13 Years
Dec 8, 2009
Oxford, PA
Not sure if this belongs in "egglaying" category or the "illness" category.

I have a 4-5 year old standard sized Barred Plymouth Rock. Recently, in just the last few weeks, I've gotten 4 eggs about the size of a quarter - silver dollar with no yolk inside. If it were just the one time, I know it can be a fart egg. I don't think it is. One Barred Plymouth Rock has a swollen abdomen and panting at rest, even if not warm out. I'm assuming it's her that is laying these odd eggs all of a sudden. She is active and comb looks normal. I tried to draw fluid from her abdomen, but not getting anything out.

Could it be an ovarian tumor? Henopause? Or some sort of illness/deficiency I should be looking for. The egg shells are nice and strong. They are on Purina Flock Raiser with Oyster shells on the side. They eat plenty of grass daily as well. We have NO vets out here that see chickens, so I'm on my own with diagnosing. Sucks! Any help is appreciated.

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