4-6 month old Easter Eggers and BlkAustralorps 4 Sale-Calaveras County


10 Years
Aug 30, 2009
I have some very pretty Easter Eggers and several Black Australorps for sale. These pullets vary from 4-6 months some have started laying. While not tame, they were hand-raised and are used to being handled. They have been wormed and vaccinated and would make a nice addition to any backyard flock. I've decided to focus on exhibition birds and need to make some room before the winter snows arrive. $20 each. Buy five, and I'll give you a 6th one for free. I prefer local pick-up but I am willing to meet you part way. 209.480.6347
not to be rude or anything but $20 is a bit steep for 1 hen about the highest i have seen for a hen is $15 and the least $7 unless they are young pullets then it could be lower
Rodeo, $20 may be just fine in Calaveras County . . . which is, I believe, all the way across the country from you.

OP, you may wish to add your state to the topic line. Might help you get more hits.
Good luck!
$20 is going rate for laying/older pullets here in CT. Just wanted to chime in! But then, our local feed shop is selling $1,800 Amish-made chicken ccops like they are going out of style (me, I built mine!). But still ... those are some expensive eggs dontcha think???

6 laying hens: $120
DesignerChicken coop: $1,800
Hours spent watching pet chickes: Priceless!


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