4 adopted hens


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Jun 12, 2019
Hello all! So I bought a coop for my ever expanding flock and the owner threw in his 4 chickens. We already received one egg today and from what I can see they definitely need some additional calcium. Their feathers aren’t in super great condition either. So these girls will be getting lots of love and care with me. They are currently separated from my other ladies. Can you help me identify them please? I have one black and white with a rose comb that I am thinking is a Dominique. The other black and white has white legs, single comb and muddled coloring so I am thinking cuckoo Maran. The black lady has a rose comb so I am thinking black Wyandotte. And the black and orange still has me stumped but my suspicions are a black sex link. All input would be greatly appreciated. Ps, please don’t judge the coop floor, this was not a planned purchase and was put together quickly. It will be cleaned promptly
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