4-H chick sale and poultry seminars, Spokane WA, THIS SATURDAY!


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Apr 30, 2007
Deer Park Washington
We will be having our chick sale at Northwest Seed and Pet on north division in Spokane WA on April 26th. We will have a youth fitting and showing demonstartion. We will be having seminars on raising chicks, which breed is right for you, and some other topics. The seminars will start at 8am and go til noon. We will have a lunch break, there are some fast food places within walking distance. The chick auction will start at 1. We will have several chicks from the nations top breeders, as well as some backyard layers. We are also expecting atleast 30 ducklings. We will have adult birds also, including welsummers, wyandotte bantams, red naked neck bantams, and more. We will be having silent auctions on eggs and other poultry items, and there will be door prizes. We will have a veterinarian there to answer any health questions you may have. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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Micheal, will there be a way to get the birds and eggs to you before the show, I may be out of town (never know with my job
) maybe a day or two before?
I am looking for a Large Blue or Black Amercauna Roo. Show quality, 1 yr or so. Will Amercaunas be shown there?
We will have some turkeys and pheasant chicks. We moved it to Northwest Seed and Pet on North Division. We have several great books donated, and whoever spends the most at our sale will get a $50 gift card to Walmart. Walmart at the Y now carries chicken feed.
Update-we are expecting about a dozen turkey chicks. We will have over a dozen quail, about 200-350 birds in total. Myron Berger will be there to judge the showmanship. We will have many many birds from top breeders. We are expecting lots of frizzle cochin bantams, some pure ameraucanas, silkies, frizzle polish bantams, and many many more birds.

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