4-H recognition


8 Years
Okay, so this is a little rant.
Today my county held its 4-H awards recognition banquet thing, and I was recognized for my poutlry project. More specifically, for earning the most points at 4-H fairs in poultry showmanship. So, I had a lot of homework and came home before the end. And they had a candle lighting ceremony, which I missed. My dad came later and said they wanted me to light the third candle, to recognize my work with my hands in 4-H. Well, I wasn't there to recieve the recognition. Awkward.
And I was just thinking, they always recognize those prestine horse people and us little poultry people slip under the carpet...
Well, I missed my chance, and that's that, but I'm still upset. So, for all you people who care, I actually got recognized for something.
Thanks for listening

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