4 hens attacking new pullets

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    May 20, 2012
    Hi! I have an existing flock of 8 hens from 3 different flocks that all get along. I bought 2 chicks and thought I'd add them to flock the same way I did before. There were no issues before, but before the amount of newbies were more than the existing ones. The chicks are now pullets - one of them about as large as 2 of the hens. The smaller pullet, when being attacked flies or runs away....no problem. The larger one just cowers and lets them peck her!!!! Last time I tried to let them together 4 hens attacked her. I'm afraid they could really hurt her or kill her. I don't have any roosters. Any ideas?
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    I would separate the four aggressive hens and leave the four non aggressive hens with the pullets until fully acclimated - days, not hours. Then I would add the aggressive hens to that group one at a time over a period of time - again days, not hours.
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