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Mar 30, 2018
My son, who is 9, just joined 4-H and we have our first project. We will receive 10 baby chicks in the middle of April and our goal is to raise them and show three of the best by the fall at a competition. We are very new to this and have never had any type of animals to raise except a cat and a dog. So, I'm trying to decide how to make our coop for the chickens. We know they need to stay in a box of some sort and a warming light for the first week and we have a feeder and getting something to put water in. I just need a simple coop and nesting box. I have been reading stuff about the nesting boxes and didn't realize some use one long box and some use planters, etc. What's the best thing for us to do?
I use a water tank when little. As soon as start flying I have a 4x8 pen. When they are old enough, half grown, I will put in my mini barn with outside snow fence pen. Be sure to lock up at night. 3 months before show I will keep each one in 3x3 pens. Keep floors clean, fresh water and good quality feed. Come show time trim, wash, shine, and show. Also be sure to keep mites and lice away, and worm. Most breeds, unless white, will need sunlight.

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