4 month old cockerel gasping for air **NOT gapeworm**


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11 Years
May 8, 2008
Sharpsburg, MD.
He's about 4 months old and is a bantam cochin. I left a run door open by mistake last night and found a dead bird in the same pen as this guy. It's head looked smooshed??? then I found this guy and saw he was having a very hard time breathing. I brought him in and he's been doing it all day. I have felt around for something odd and there's nothing unusual. ..no gapeworm. I am wondering if a snake attempted to eat the other chicken but couldn't get it down then bit this guy and bruised his trachea?? When I look down his throat, I can tell the source of the problem is right at the opening of the trachea and it almost looks off center?

I have never taken a chicken to the vent but, of course... out of 50 grow outs, what were the chances it would inflict my best male? I have dealt with respiratory illness in the past and that is not what this is... no rattles or wheezing or gurgling.. just a gasp for air and he lost his voice. .. won't eat or drink either. thinking of taking him to an avian vet if I can find one locally.

Thanks in advance for any help
just a follow up... he pulled thru. It was the craziest thing. He gasped all the next day and the following morning he gasped a bit less. By the afternoon he was clucking and eating and making a mess in my bathroom. I put him back out in the growout and he's doing great... just another one of those mysteries I guess... the first one that has EVER working out in my favor might I add..

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