4 pullet chicks


9 Years
Feb 23, 2014
excelsior springs MO
I bought 4 chicks at a feed store 3 Amerucana 1 barred Plymouth rock. Not sure but think I have 3 roos?

They were hatch at the beginning of February 2014

I'm not seeing any wattles on your BR and no really red comb, pullet would be my choice but your other 3 are very hard to see.
Your wheaten Amerucuna looks like a pullet but again better pics would help, this one also looks like a salmon faverolle.
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I"m sure not seeing anything screaming rooster at this point. If you have questions on a specific bird, get a profile shot, including legs and head.
Any Ameraucana or Araucana bought at a feed store, or hatchery is an Easter Egger. They are mixed breed birds and the hens will lay varying shades of blue, green, or pink eggs. It is very hard to tell with this picture. Individual close-ups would be easier.
Well the barred rock I was worried was a roo was the first to lay eggs regularly getting small brown eggs. The amerucana that I thought was a hen I just saw lay the egg. I have been getting a few green eggs now for last 5 days one daily.

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