4 Week Old chick/Dislocated Leg or Wing?Help


9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
Upper Lake, California
I noticed over a week ago that my chick was not moving very much so i put it in a box with shavings/bedding and food and water so it wouldnt get trampled by the others. i thought it was the wing b/c the right side looks like the shoulder sticks out more than the other side. one leg kinda goes out to the side like a kick stand, it helps her balance. i dont think its her wing now b/c she had been flying up out of the box, well to the top of the box and then sitting there. She doesnt seem to be in pain especially now. ~she eats and drinks and poops.~ she had been moving around in the box fine, considering. but now for the last 3 days shes been resting her beak/head down in the bedding. * Do you think shes starting to heal but the wrong way? it looks like she is bent over/her head down in the bedding all the time. i hold her and pet her and talk to her a lot. i let her eat from my hand and her dish. ive noticed she has been kinda going in circles and backwards when she walks or scoots. not really a scoot she kinda walks but kinda lower. then after eating and drinking she puts her head back down and pants a little.(her beaks open a little) like as if she was exhausted.? i was going to take her to the vet but i guess i was hoping she would be fine. I do feel so bad for her. She doesn't look like shes in pain, but just not normal. shes in the house where its warm not under a heat light.~ Is there any thing i should do? Thanks, ~Julie~

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