4 week old chick very sick :(


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May 13, 2015
We have 4 - 6 week old cobbs, 2 of each- 4 week old Rhode island reds, and 4 silkies. The little bitty runt silkie was acting funny. My daughter found her laying on her side, being trampled by the other 4 week old chicks, so we moved her into a separate crate. After checking her out, we had to soak 2 marble sized balls of poo off her butt, so obviously her vent was blocked :( she wouldn't eat or drink for 2 days and is wobbley when she walks and chirping non stop :( Her crop looks swollen and full too... I've been force feeding her sav a chick vitamin water and probiotics.. Sometimes I'll mash up some egg yolk in the water. This morning igot some applesauce baby food and molasses to put in the water, hoping to flush her out and make her go regularly. She seems a little stronger than yesterday, but still wobbley. She'll peck at he food, but i dont think shes really eating any :(
The swollen/full looking crop worries me. At this point, I don't know what to do to save her. I can NOT let her die.. This is my 5 year old's baby!!! She loves this chick more than life itself.
Does anyone have any advice?
She's soooo tiny too compared to the others... She's like a little sparrow. I'm afraid of giving too much molasses and dehydrating her with pooping too much... But I definitely think she may be blocked.
Thanks so much!

This is her
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Well, we ended up losing her... My kids are devastated!
I tried to get the poop from her butt, but it was so swollen on the top and bottom, I couldn't even find a hole to extract it from :'(

Can anyone tell me what this is, for future reference? I hope to never have To go through this again

Sorry for your loss. Perhaps you gave her too much DE and she became clogged, she didnt drink enough water as she shouldve: Post #2, last sentence.

Noooo thy aren't given DE to consume. The older ones outside get their back and under sides dusted with it weekly, but I'd never feed it to them.. Especially with how constipating it is to humans if they don't drink a gallon of water with it... Too big of a risk.
I just don't get it... The babies eat starter feed, grit and have 24 hour access to water.
The other babies were twice her size already, and it just hit out of nowhere, so I suspect she may have some internal abnormality.
I hope I can find someone to do a necropsy on her tomorrow and its not too late... Just so I know.

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