4 week old poults attemping to breed.

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by briana1975, Apr 4, 2009.

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    Ok so I just got new chicks in yesterday and they are brooder neighbors with the turkeys. So I am down with them a lot more. I am trying not to get to attached to the turkeys because the will be going into freezer for the holidays. Anyways I am down checking on chicks and hear a lot of comotion from the turkeys brooder. So I peek in and one is sitting or laying and the other one is running and strutting in a circle around it then it mounts the other one. They are only 4 weeks old. We had been playing with my husbands jake call sense we first got them and got diffrent responses from them. Does this confirm that we have 1 tom and 1 hen. They are BBW. They still look the same and everything. Anyways I was very suprised by this, this morning and just had to post to see what some of the more seasoned turkey people had to say about it.
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    I don't know the conversion of Turkey years to Human years but that does seem awfully young. If seen poults around that age displaying. It is sooooo cute. There no bigger than a matchstick and all puffed out. [​IMG]

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    this is the same thing that happened when we had turkey poults when I was a kid. The jake poult killed several chicken chicks. My parents fault having them together, but it was horrible a barely feathered turkey jake killing chicks....after he was through crushing them he'd peck holes in thier entire body it was disgusting to come home to. Hopefully yours wont become so icky to his girlfriends.
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    Turkey poults,and peachicks will both display ,and yes both sex also.

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