4 weeks old tomorrow..outside in the pool but it is only 72 degrees today!! Are they ok??

Jul 3, 2020
Hi Everyone!! Well the babies are doing great!!(n Thank God).. After 3 weeks they went to straw.. and have been getting along with my sweet Eve who was let alone after her siblings passed away.. So.. they were introduced to the big run with pool three days ago and have been loving it!. Before that I was having them swim in a stock tank of warm water and they were resting on the grass( in a predator proof coop).. then 3 days ago they joined the ranks of big duck world... now of course the weather has gone from 89-92 degrees to 70/s And rainy today!! I take them in at night.. but when i let them into the run today they jumped or joy in the pool.. I am just a bit nervous bc the water is cool and the temps are 70's.. are they ok?? Or Am worry too much??

Here is a picture of everyone


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Jul 13, 2015
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They are so sweet!

How old are they now? 70 degrees is probably fine, but personally I would watch them for chilly behavior. Like shivering or huddling.

Edit: oh! 4 weeks! Yeah, I wouldn't be worried!
Jul 3, 2020
What a beautiful set up you have for them all ❤️
Oh Thank You!! I am thinking of getting some fake grass inside the run. I don't like having those rocks around the pool but as you all know if i dont have something there they will dip the dirt in the pool water like shrimp in cocktail sauce!!

Here are some pictures of the little monsters!!


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