45% humidity or 60% humidity?!


7 Years
May 7, 2012
Queensland, Australia
Ok I've run into a bit of an awkward program- the incubator which I bought today has been preprogrammed to 45% humidity (its in degrees celcius) and the hatching calendar I'm using (which is in degrees farenheit) also says to leave it at 45% humidity for the first 18 days. The calendar then says to crank it up to about 60% on day 18/19.

However, the instruction manual says that the humidity should be "between 55~60% in early stages" them something like "35~40% in middle stages" and "75~80% in the final stages". I've seen on other places over the internet that it should be around 60% but I don't know who to believe?! My incubator seems like one of those Chinese products, because it comes with an instruction manual that doesn't make very much sense (as though its been translated from Chinese to english with Google translate).

Can anyone help me? The incubator uses degrees celcius as it's measurement :)

i use Brinsae 40DX auto turner and 45% to 55% worked for me and got good results as last 3 days i raised the humidity more than 70% and sometimes observed 90%.

Despite humidity and temp other factors are also important for Hatching I.e Storage, Fertility,Irrelated Pair,Proper Turning etc.

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