48 hens and 4 eggs a day


9 Years
Apr 10, 2010
Opelousas, LA
Any suggestions are appreciated.

Half our hens are from last Spring, half are from this Spring. All this Springs hatch are more than old enough to lay. We had been getting 18+ eggs a day, then all of a sudden, 4 to a maximum of 6. They are still eating more than 100lbs of feed a week, but I barely have 3 dozen a week to sell.

We live in Louisiana so it's still in the 80's outside. There is one chicken who is constantly broody in a nesting box so I don't know if she is putting the others off. They are fenced to half an acre, and I have checked every where and there are no secret nests. This has been nearly 10 days now, and I can't justify $30 a week for feed for 3 dozen eggs. Completely frustrated right now.
The older ones may well be getting ready to molt. That combined with shorter daylight hours often means a big decrease in egg laying this time of year. Younger birds often pick back up after molt and may lay through the winter. Older birds often take a break and start laying again in late winter or early spring unless they have supplemental lighting.

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