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So I read that a hen turns her egg every half hour so I set the autoturner on the Brinsea advance to turn every half hour and set the turn angle for 45 degrees to go in one direction then back in the same direction. Back and forth. I saw a study that showed 96 times a day being optimal with 24 times being the control group for this study. Has anyone hatched with the 45 degree angle and 48 turns per day as I am describing?
Hmmmm... Very interesting. I am interested to see how this turns out. I wasn't even aware you could change the turning settings.
I manually turn my eggs, and I try to turn them at 45-degree angles, as well. I didn't read that anywhere, that's just kinda the way it works out. I don't turn them 48 times a day, but I do turn them more than the suggested "3 to 4 times a day". They do probably get turned 6 to 8 times a day during our awake hours, though.

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I have mine set at 45 minute interval and 15 angle. The 0 angle setting it came with/at wasn't sufficient to turn all the eggs the way I liked it. A Brinsea rep suggested 15 for chicken eggs, when I discussed the issue with him in an e-mail ( we corresponded for a bit).
Kavellion-Do you have a link to this study? Would love to read it. Or was it in a book? Are there directions for changing the settings for time and angle on other auto-egg turners? I have a GQF 1588 with turner.
Sorry last post now it appears you can compensate for turning angle mistakes, which I feel most people at home are not going to have an exact 45 degrees, with increased turning according to the uni of Ankara study so perhaps every half hour on an autoturner will increase survivability after the hatch with regards to malpostioned embreyos.

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