4mo old Geese Breeding???


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
The Beautiful Pacific NW ,WA
I have a pair of African Geese, I am prety sure it's a pair anyway. Well yesterday I caught the "female" in the pool on top of one of my Muscovy hens(who was obviously asking for it, hussie) and then today the 2 geese were in the pool with the "female" on top and then after a minute the switched... what is going on???

I adopted the "male" from a local feed store when he was about a month old, so he is approximately 4 months now. "she" came from a different store but was about the same stage in feather growth as "him" when i got "her". I am sure they're close to the same age and was NOT expecting any activity liek this this year and especially no babies! but they have been extra noisy the last 2 weeks and then this has been going on the last 2 days.

As far as sexes too... "he" is definitely more into coming up to me on his own, "she" will only come up if he's around me first but is otherwise pretty stand-off-ish. "He" is bigger in build and "she" looks VERY feminine.
They are probably practicing.
My "female" and his chosen mate have been doing the wild thing for a month now. And thorougly enjoying themselves I might add. Apparently I have three females and one male. they are around four months old.

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