4th egg our hen laid is size of a jumbo egg and had a crack..


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May 9, 2009
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Our barred rock hen, (named Bloo) laid her first egg this past Saturday.. it was small.. half the size of a jumbo egg.. she skipped laying on Sunday and laid another Monday.. again small.. laid one on Tuesday (small).. skipped Wednesday and this morning (Thursday) I found a BIG jumbo sized egg in there... Maybe she laid it over night? Anyway.. I was so disappointed of the crack it had.. the membrane part (is that what its called?) isn't broke.. so the egg I guess inside should be ok? Do ya'll get many eggs with cracks like this (I'm a newbie at all of this!).

Maybe I need a bigger lip in the nesting box b/c when I find the eggs there's barely any straw or pine shavings in the box.. Should I raise the lip and make sure there is enough shavings to make it softer for when she lays? When a chicken lays an egg is there a big drop to the surface?? Or maybe I need to add more oyster shell b/c the egg is too brittle?? or is it b/c this is her 4th egg and her first big egg?

Please help this chicken dummy!

We are still chicken in eating that first egg!
This is a pic of our first 4 eggs from Bloo.. the white one is only there for reference as its a Jumbo egg from the store. LOL.. my son, Ryan said to me.. "Mom.. I will not eat our chickens eggs.. I only eat store eggs!".. LOL!! I do get where he is coming from.. just seems a bit strange at first! I did tell my son that people will pay for eggs like these as they are better than store bought and that he has already eaten eggs from the chickens my hairdresser has.. and his eyes got big.. and he said.."really?" Lol lol!


See the crack? Is it ok to eat if the membrane thingy isn't broken?? I know if I got this egg from the store.. I'd probably still use it.
If you would used an egg from the store cracked, I'd sure use your own egg cracked.


Of course, I don't use cracked eggs from the store myself, though. Who knows what's gotten in there.
I never use the cracked ones myself. My mom always uses them for baking. Using higher temps.

What are you waiting for!!!! Eat those delishious eggs!!!!

Do the egg test. Cook your son a store bought egg and a fresh egg. Don't tell him which is which. See what he thinks tastes best. We refuse to eat store bought eggs.

Went on a camping trip recently and forgot the eggs. My DH said I am not eating store bought eggs. I said me neither. Luckily found a very nice lady with some wonderful home grown EE eggs.

Just make sure you have lots of cushy stuff in your nest box. I get a broken one very rarely.
I know.. everyone is asking why we are waiting.. I guess we wanted to have a nice handful so we could feed everyone at dinner! (Me and hubby and our 2 kids). Those first 3 small eggs are sooooo little! I can't wait to crack one open.. probably in the next day or two. We have 4 more hens we are waiting to lay.. Two Americaunas sp? (22weeks) and a red star and black star hen (almost 19 weeks).

We have 3 roosters and listed 2 of them on craigslist with no luck.. I think we will take them to a local poultry auction.. I'm such a wuss.. I just can't do it and can't eat them.. we named all of our chickens and I can't eat Chirpy or Goldy..
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