4wks old! girl/boy? breed?


11 Years
Mar 14, 2008
hey guys! i have figured out for the most part what breeds my chicks are, except for the "blue" looking one that is on my arm. what it is?! he can fly and the others cant.. really weird. also,, is "he" a she?

please let me know what yall think about the sex of these little guys, because i have no clue! im just raising them as pets!

any other imput at all would be of great help too. are they skinny? fat? they are on pasture, fed as much as they want of chick starter medicated and meal worms twice a day.


"blue" what am i? lol


"chunkeymonkey" i think ameraucana. sex? then the middle one i think is a barred rock? sex? "bo peep" then the last one "sunny" i think is a buff orpington.. sex?
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It looks as though 'Blue' is a boy, 'Chunkymonkey' is a girl, 'Bo Peep' cant tell from that angle and does not look to be a barred rock, i dont see any barring, only black. And 'Sunny' looks to be a boy. Of course this is just my opinion/my perception from these pictures.
still have no clue on my chick "blu"... he is much smaller than my blk australorp i have the same age,, he is smaller than the ameracaunas too,,, way way smaller than the buffs... about the size of the bantys i have... i just dont know lol what he is

and i want to keep him cuz he is my fav personality.. so i need a reason to keep him.. i need him to be a breed... i dont really have enough hens to have alot of roos runnin around...
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