4yo hen not seeing well/cant connect with food


10 Years
Mar 16, 2009
NE/Mid Ohio
She has no other symptoms that I can see except she is missing when she goes for food and didnt want to come off her roost when I was out with her. Its like she can see, but things arent right. I could tell she hadnt ate so I was holding the food for her but she could only get to it if I held it right against her neck then she could get some. Ive been searching but not coming up with much for an answer? Any ideas on what this could be?
She was free ranging yesterday for most of the day, it was very hot, and she took herself to the roost last night. She doesnt range far and we dont use any chemicals on our yard.
I don't have any help, but wanted to let you know that I have a one year old hen with the same symptoms. I didn't realize it until she was doing poorly, thin & pale..I brought her into my house and put her in my bathtub. I realized at some point that she just couldn't see. I have her out with the flock in the enclosure, I take her to the food & water several times a day, she pecks and misses a few times before she can connect. I had to kick the roosters out during the day because she was a prime target for abuse since she couldn't see them coming.
Thanks for replying to me! Its so strange, Im sure that if I wouldnt have noticed she would have gotten thin pretty quick too. I hope we find out whats going on!
Well my update is im not sure if shes fully blind or not, but I am leaning that she is. She is eating, not a lot, and drinking but I have to give it to her. She did put herself on her roost, it took about 5 minutes of her poking her head around to see where she was. I have a call in to my vet to call me if he gets his messages as hes out till monday. Its so strange. Her eyes are clear as could be and her pupils are still reactive.

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