5 Drakes Need New Home

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    Oct 24, 2013
    Ducks are friends, not food!
    We have 5 drakes that need a new home! We were hoping for more females with our unsexed flock this spring and have 5 drakes that are overpowering our 3 little hens. They are not to be eaten, but as a pet! We have raised them since 2 days after hatching. We will separate, but only if they will have other ducks at their new home. We prefer to send them in a group or in a 2 and 3 some!
    1 Pekin
    2 Harlequin
    1 Acona
    1 Cayuga

    We are in Elizabeth, Colorado, are are willing to drive within 50 miles to get them to their new home!

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