5 month old ee pullet has tail that leans to one side

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  1. aceriderbetty

    aceriderbetty In the Brooder

    Apr 4, 2009
    I have a 5 month old ee whose tail feathers are starting to lean to the right side as you look from behind like in the pic below. All the other pullets in her group have perfectly straight tails. Is this normal?


  2. paddock36

    paddock36 Songster

    Dec 24, 2008
    Ocala, Florida
    Sounds like wry (not sure if I spell that right [​IMG] )tail.
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  3. Tiramisu

    Tiramisu Got Mutts

    May 3, 2008
    Milan PA
    Looks like wry tail. It's nothing to be worried about. [​IMG]
    Only thing is, I've read threads that say not to breed them because she would pass the genes down. Wry tail is a double recessive trait so it will pass down.

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