5 month old rooster with crooked toes


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May 8, 2017
I rescued a 5 month old favorelle rooster from deplorable conditions. Among his many medical issues are his deformed toes. I just splinted his toes with pipe cleaners and a vet wrap boot. Has anyone had experience/success splinting older chicks? I have set fractured toes in birds but this seems like the condition may be permanent. Any guidance would be appreciated.
They could be broken. I have a rooster who has broken toes, and a hen with all but one broken. They get around perfectly-the rooster has even fought off some hawks and won. the hen waddles a bit more, but runs just as fast as the others. If they are broken and he isn't having trouble getting around, i would say just leave them. If they aren't broken, and something else is the matter, then i don' know anything about splinting toes.

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