5 months old and I still have no clue. help

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I have a 5 month old mixed breed that I do not know the sex of. it is half silver laced wyandotte and half sex link. it acts like a hen but it is soo big! bigger than my buff orp hen. I put a silkie roo in with it and found it curled up against him sleeping. please help me quess. if it is a roo, I will not be able to keep. it is very docile and friendly. when I put it in with my hens, it hid for 3 weeks.





it has 2 feathers on the tail that are a tiny bit long and curl. I have a sex link pullet a bit younger that has the curl too???
I think that's a roo. It is normal for the new bird in the coop to hide- hens can seem really mean when there is a new addition, but it's all part of establishing the pecking order. He's a nice mix though- very pretty.
Sad to say it looks like a roo from the feathers
The hackle feathers and tail feathers look pointy in the pics. The comb looks rooish too. He did come out quiet pretty though, didn't he?
I think it looks like a roo too. Bring that one tomorrow instead of the pullet you had today.

My guys have never had spurs before 1 year old. My Sussex boys who are around 5 months old haven't started crowing yet (no signs of spurs yet either). Also, if he's a submissive boy he won't feel confident enough to start sounding off with your silkie roo around.

The spurs take a long time on Wyandottes. Thunder (your chicken's daddy) is just starting to get spurs now at 1 1/2 years old! He's got about a quarter inch on both sides now. He had no spurs when I got him at 10 months old. Just the little round bumps where the spurs would be. Even my Wyandotte hens have the little bumps though.

I guess you never know. I have no idea when the Wyandottes are supposed to start crowing. I have a BLR cockerel born in April who has yet to try it. They seem to be a slow maturing breed. It took forever for the pullets to start laying, something like 28 weeks. They say it is best to hatch Wyandottes early in the spring so they can grow to their full potential before the winter arrests their development.

If your chicken is a roo, at least he is pretty enough that someone may want him at one of the swaps.
My BLRWs started crowing around 6-8 months. Spurs didn't start to show until at least 1 1/2 years old.

Standard sized birds take a lot longer to mature than the bantams. I have a bantam fav roo - I was shocked to hear crowing at 2 months and see him chase the girls at 4 months. I'm used to the big boys taking 1-2 years to grow up.

thanks everyone for your help. Cindy, I think I will take your advice. the girl I had with me today is sweet too. she will make a nice substitute.
I'd definitely keep the one you brought to the swap over this guy! At least that one will lay eggs.


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