5 week chicks- eyes shut with breathing issues


7 Years
Oct 30, 2012
about a week ago i purchased an assortment of chicks totaling 18. i have them in a large stock tank (300 gal) with pine bedding and infared heat lamps, two waterers and two feeders. The next day i noticed one looked "off" so i called the guy that sold them to me and suggested thet they caught a chill and have a cold and to use a little Vet Rx and electrolytes, and if that didnt work try antibiotics.over the next few days 6 more of the chicks became ill with eyes shut and breathing problems.( i had seperated them as soon as they started showing signs of illness) I have done all of these things and today i was awoken by my nine year old daughter wailing in dispair with a dead little chick cupped in her hands. i have read the Storeys Guide but am still unclear as to what they are ill with and how to help. any ideas would be helpfull :(
Return them immediately from where you purchased them. Chickens rarely get chilled and never get colds. They get respiratory infections that often render them life-long carriers of the dreaded CRD (chronic respiratory disease). If you have any other birds on your property you need to keep very strict quarantine on these chicks until they are removed.
No, nothing you did wrong. You were sold potentially infected birds. This shouldn't be your problem at all. It is the seller's problem.

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