5-week-old Barred Rocks & Red Star Cockerels


5 Years
Aug 12, 2014
5-week-old cockerels, $4 each, $20 for all 6
Vaccinated for Marek's and Coccidiosis, from McMurray
4 Barred Plymouth Rock
2 Red Star (red sex-link)
Hand-raised around kids and dogs. Very calm and confident. Easy to pick up and catch.

Pick-up in Selkirk, Albany, or Averill Park, NY
Please call or email me. I'm in Shreveport La very interested! Where in MS are you? How old are hens? 328-470-7288
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I am in Albany, NY and I still have several Roos, but I won't ship. They are now 11-weeks-old--I have 2 White Rocks, 2 Barred Rocks, at least one Olive Egger, and more.

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