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    I have a flock of 5 week old chicks. They are all doing great, thriving, save one. The second to last to hatch (third day of the hatch) and I had to help it out. It is an Australorp that my daughter calls "Shiver". I kept it separate from the others for the first couple of days so it could gain some strength to hang with the big chicks. It did fine.

    In the last 2 weeks, though as the others have really grown and feathered out, Shiver has stayed small and is still very downy. It looks like a 3 week old chick next to its 5 week old flock mates. Shiver is extremely spunky and seems to be doing well other than size. Should I remove it to feed it separately?

    Here are some pics for reference.

    Shiver standing, is the same height as the others when they are sitting!

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    Sometimes these chicks eventually catch up and do fine. i wouldn't separate it, myself, but I would probably separate it for a few minutes once or twice a day to give it a nutritional boost.
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    No, don't separate it, because chicks really need company to be happy. If the others aren't picking on little Shiver, then he/she will be just fine. I just recently had a batch of little bantam Cochins hatch, and there was one who seemed to be a miniature. The others grew quickly, while this chick (it was a little roo) stayed little for quite some time. He was healthy, so I just let him be, and now he's still not quite as big, but he's just fine.

    I think your chick will be fine too,
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    Thanks y'all. I love the internet.[​IMG]

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