5 Weeks and doing great


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Feb 8, 2008
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Well, I've hit week #5 here with my 14 Buffs and 6 unknown black roos fro Ideal. I'm pretty sure they're black australorps. The digital camera is MIA so... no pics:( being my first experience with chickens, it's been more interesting than I expected. The Buffs are getting realllllly fluffy, they're like mini pillows. The black ones seem more inquisitive. I have one that hops up on my hand everytime I put it in the box. He's a cool little guy.... I'd actually hate to eat him. I have one buff I noticed is missing the claws on the middle toes of each foot... I have yet to come up with an interesting enough name for it. I cannot believe how fast they feather... it's amazing. I figured I had more time to get the coop built...but looks like we'll be starting that next week at the rate they're growing. I am glad I found this site, it's helped me and a good friend in our chicken endevour:) Enjoy reading all the great information!


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Good job with your chickens. They can be a lot of fun. Post pictures when yur camera shows up!

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