5 x 10 coop plans?

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    Well instead of adding on to our little coop dh has decided he wants to just build a whole new one. He saw me struggling to clean the coop today (it's about 4' tall and 6' long so too short to go in comfortably but too long to clean without going in) and said it would be just as easy to make a whole new one and keep the old one for brooding in the future. We have 5' width available and dh needs that area for moving farm machinery so he said 10' should be fine and still allow him enough room. That would give our girls (and boy) just over 4 sq feet apiece. So now I need to find or come up with a plan. Anyone know of any this size? I know that now I can have the following:

    tall enough to stand up in
    sliding up pop door that can be opened and closed from outside the coop
    pop door high enough that we can use deep litter if we choose to
    nest box access from outside the coop

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