50++ "Mixed" Coturnix Hatching Eggs

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  1. Rebel Rooster

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    Jun 29, 2009
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    Hi Guys! Rebel Roo again... [​IMG]

    OK... I have over 50 "Mixed" Coturnix Quail Hatching Eggs. These eggs are not labled when picked up from the nesting boxes! You will get mostly Texas A&Ms, along with Manchurian Specks, maybe a few Tibetan & Tuxedos and some Jumbos.
    Thanks for looking!
  2. scatteredeggs

    scatteredeggs Chirping

    May 2, 2011
    Hi Wade,

    i hv not done this before. How do i pay?

    when do i expect to receive this?

    i'm going out in an hour to get the stuff to build the bator. i watched your videos too.

    i hope to finish the bator today with the help of my husband.

    i'm really excited!

    btw - the only thing i'm missing probably is the egg tray. i hv chicken egg trays, but that probably will be too big for quail eggs.

    any advice?



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