50lbs in a Week? Is that ridiculous?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by WalkerH, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. WalkerH

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    Okay so it is my first flock, I should say my first batch of chicks ever. We have six meat chickens and then the 14 layers, although they are all straight run. Anyways we went and bought a 50lbs bag of Blue Seal from the Amish about a week ago, give or take a couple days. Is that a ridiculous amount of feed to go through for chicks?
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    How old are they? I know meaties eat a lot, but that does seem a bit over the top for 20 chicks
  3. Fred's Hens

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    If they are 8 weeks old, I'd say that isn't all that unusual. It doesn't get much better as they grow, either.
    The meat birds are notorious for eating and there are different management issues with them.
    I'm sure there is also considerable waste, some of which you can do things to prevent.

    If they are two weeks old, I'd say there is tremendous waste occurring?
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    Yeah that sounds like a ton. I have 15 Cornish crosses, 25 BOs and 15 RIR and I go through a 50lb bag every 9 days or so. Thats filling the feeders twice a day
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    My flock of 60+ chickens, ducks and geese goes through 330lbs of feed in about 6 weeks. Less if it's warmer out and in the coldest months, that is supplmented by wheat as well. My DH's relative has one of the largest wheat farms in the state, so every fall we drive a few hours to pick up the cull wheat. It's free and I usually get about 1,000lbs. I also feed any/all scraps I can, when I remember.
  6. Rare Feathers Farm

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    Speaking of waste--make sure wild birds, rodents, etc aren't coming in and eating the food, too. Not only do they spread disease but they will eat more than you'd imagine in a short amount of time.

    Also, remember not to overfeed your meaties. They'll gorge themselves and end up with issues...
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    I had FIVE (5) chicks and it took 8 to 10 weeks to finish the 50# of chick starter. They were all layers, I don't know anything about meaties' food needs.
  8. WalkerH

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    They will be five weeks Monday. They are still in a brooder in the garage, the door is shut all the time. We haven't had a mouse problem since we kept our cat in the garage for two days. She is a killer of mice and moles, so I don't think the rodents are the issue. Is there a way I can help with the waste?
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    Meat birds eat a LOT, but then you eat them in about 16 weeks. The best way to figure your feed is a full grown chicken will eat a 1/3 lb of feed per day.
  10. WalkerH

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    Yeah the meaties are going to the butcher in a couple of weeks. Followed by the roosters around 18 weeks.

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