6+ African Goose Eggs

Evermore Ranch

11 Years
Sep 10, 2008
NW Alabama
My Geese had been laying wonderfully! The Boys have been taking care of business as the last weeks worth of eggs all had bullseyes!! We are still building our new incubator and will not be able to incubte these ourselves and hate for them to go to waste. I will start gathering Thursday and should mail out Monday if paid by paypal. Please PM me if other payment arrangements needed.

I'm going to reply to this so I don't lose it. I'm not sure I'll have the cash by then, but if I do I will certainly bid!
Ugh! 3 more days!! I have the money, but I don't want to be outbid
So I'm (im)patiently waiting for the end to get closer!
That depends. If you bid then no. If you don't then I guess I did, but still accomplished what I wanted to do, which was to win the auction. Not confusing.

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