6+ Ancona Duck Eggs

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    Dec 28, 2010

    6 Ancona Duck Hatching Eggs
    plus 3 Ancona over Fawn Runner

    These eggs are $15 plus $15 for shipping.

    Ancona ducks are delightful additions to free-ranging flocks. They lay large eggs, have calm dispositions, and lean towards the more intelligent end of the waterfowl spectrum. They are a relatively new breed in the United States. (American Livestock Breed Conservancy: http://albc-usa.org/cpl/waterfowl/ancona.html)

    I myself am very interested in their fascinating color genetics. My drake is black and white with patches of rust and bright beetle green. My hen is pure black and white. I also have a fawn runner duck, hatchery quality, running with the anconas. Her eggs are smaller than the ancona eggs but I'm hoping the runner crosses will have a stronger chocolate quality.... Runners were used as one of the founding breeds for anconas. We'll see what happens! :)

    This listing is for the purebred ancona eggs BUT *extras will be ancona x runner*.

    I pack with survivability in mind but cannot guarantee hatching success because there are so many variable beyond my control. However, I DO GUARANTEE your eggs will not be in a broken drippy mess when they get to you. Also, I don't ship eggs outside the United States (so, if you live in Italy, no, I will not sell you any eggs!).

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