6+ Black Jersey Giant Hatching Eggs


9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Up for auction is our Echoinghills Black Jersey Giant eggs again. 6 eggs, plus any extras i can gather at time of shipping. Our original flock was started from Ebay seller "5K Farm" from Florida... we had an excellent hatch rate with her eggs, and continue to do that here on our own farm. I just had 100% hatch rate this week on our own eggs... i dont think anyone would be disappointed with these eggs. I will have chicks for sale soon, just PM me if you are interested. I have chicks that hatched this week, plus more this weekend, and following next couple weeks. Fertility is awesome with these! I suspect i will have chicks coming out of my ears soon... i have 2 buyers already for some, but will have plenty to go around. Thanks for looking... additional pics on my page and website. Francie B.

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